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Owner Francesco Raco Address 1 Newman close Bundoora VIC 3083 URL Email Phone 1300778546 Short Desccription RSV Limo specializes in Melbourne’s premier boutique Limousine service where we deliver more than just a fancy car. Long Desccription RSV Limo – The Cars You Would Rather Be Seen In and home of the RSV Limo Experience, boasts a large range of Premium Limousines. It’s the attention to detail and our assurance to provide an unforgettable experience, which has sculpted our reputation as a world class limousine service provider. There are two types of limousine service providers, RSV Limo and those who want to be RSV Limo, so make your special event a memorable one, choose RSV Limo as your service provider. Keywords limousines melbourne Business hours/Days 7 days Year Start 1989 Payment Method Cash, Visa, Master Cheque, EFT


The-Krystal-Hom Raco Special Vehicles


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